My name is Dr Rickey Honea, I am also know as Dr H.

I developed in February 2021, an acute bronchial infection in my bronchial tubes which led me to believe that I was having a heart attack.

After going to the emergency room at the heart hospital they could not find anything that would be causing my sever pain in my chest.

The doctors tested me for Covid but the test came back negative.

The doctors decided to do a CT scan and that is when they found my bronchial infection which was causing the pain in my chest.

The doctors prescribed some very heavy doses of antibiotics. This caused my immune system to crash, which in tern caused the dormant chickenpox virus from my childhood to activate.

And WOW, did the virus activate with a vengeance.

As a pastor I crave to preach the Gospel. I would get dressed with the help of my wife as I prepare for the hour of preaching. I wore very loose clothing but even with that, I felt as if I was going to pass out from the pain as I walked to the church. With my walker I slowly walked to our church next door and I stepped behind the pulpit.

My body muscles would spasm from the intense pain as I preached causing me to spasm and lose my breath.

As soon as the preaching hour was over my wife would help me to get home on my walker and then i would disrobe as quickly as possible.

I often spent the rest of the day in bed holding to my pillows keeping my arm over my head.

I know why they call “shingles” the suicide disease.

I came down with acute shingles in March 2021 which caused me to become bed fast for almost 3 months. I would lie in my bed with my right arm extended over a pillow laying in excruciating pain.

I still today remember my screams as I buried my head in my pillows twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week with NO relief.

Because of the extreme pain, from the vibration that is caused from riding in a car, I was not able to even ride in the car to go shopping with my wife. The shingles has effected by gut causing severe swelling and pain.

We tried every cream that my Doctor or Pharmacist prescribed and nothing lasted. With no insurance, I was very limited to access medical care. It did not take long for the cost of medical care to drain our savings.

The medications prescribed to help with the pain at the beginning and until now were very high doses of: IBUPROFEN, GABAPENTINHYOSCYAMINE and other topical creams (which for the most did NOT work or they did not work for long).

We tried every kind of bath soak that we could find on the Internet for Shingles.

My wife Lady Karin, who is a license Esthetician, designed a hot bath soak with Bentonite clay, Epson salt, Baking soda, Sea salt, Seaweed, Tea-tree oil, Oatmeal, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus OilFrankincense Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother.

For me, this bath combination, has seemed to have helped to reduce my pain before going to bed greatly.

From the time of this post (11/20/2021), please note that over 4 months earlier I contracted Covid. This also caused my fried nerves from the shingles to react.even more. My pain has been horrific.

I am permanently scared and the pain can still be unbelievable. My doctor told me that my shingles could last for the rest of my life.

I was asking God to please show me what to do that could help me reduce the shingle pain, and to God be the glory, My wife and I have found some things are helping me.

This is what has worked for me:

(1) My medications

(2) Real Time Pain Relief Cream: I can NOT say enough about the RTPR cream – it is a GOD SENT.

First application of the RTPR cream

Then I wait 2 minutes and apply the second application of the RTPR cream.

NOTE: At night I use a wet rag with soap to clean the skin and to reduce any cream buildup and then I rinse. I then apply the applications as described above.

Because I use the RTPR cream several times a day. I have found that before applying a 5th layer to my shingle scars I take the time to use a soapy rag to wash my skin then I rinse. Once my shingles are dry I then apply the RTPR cream.

(3) My nightly bath soaks

(4) BioMS CURCUMA with nano technology : And WOW — Dr Jeremy introduced me to this GOLDEN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS… (Thank you Dr Jeremy….)

I am currently doing 10 drops of the BioMS CURCUMA with nano technology 4 times a day. This is what is working for me.

I have had great results in a very short amount of time. I have also been able to ride in a car to go to the store with my wife. I have had several days now that my shingles pain is very low for several hours.

Normal recommended dosage is 10 drops a day.
I actually apply the BioMS directly to my tongue and I allow the saliva in my mouth to mix with the BioMS by holding in my mouth for 30 seconds before I swallow the BioMS. I drink at least 8oz of liquid following my BioMS.

I will always keep several bottles on hand.

Watch the below video:

Update as of Nov 23rd, 2021, My wife “Lady Karin”, is an Esthetician and after she did a deep clean of my shingle scares, my pain from my shingles scaring has improved greatly overnight.

I CAN NOT THANK MY WIFE ENOUGH FOR THE HOURS, DAYS and MONTHS that she has cared for me. Thank you Lady Karin – I Love You With All My Heart. You were and you still are my mother Teresa.

Your  Real Time
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